Grid Iron Blues


Grid Iron Blues – Designing Space

It’s been lost in the shuffle, swept under the rug by the magic pill and the miracle of modern science. We’re talking about the loss of the base, the loss of the fundamentals, the loss of the basic building blocks. It’s happening everywhere, from family, education, and all of the arts. This is not something that’s new, or something that never was challenge, an obstacle.

One of the most important things we can learn about design is the use of space. When you place something on the page, the screen, or any other surface, placement is the key. A school of thought is to use a grid system, which is a tool akin to a ruler, it helps the designer place elements on the page with relation, that’s with relation and consideration to the page and the other elements on the page. 

Thoughtful and with purpose. 

You can look at the grid as the bones, the underlying scheme that holds everything together. Breaking the grid is as powerful as adhering to it. If a songwriter follows a structure he can break out of the structure, this could help  convey a different feeling such as happiness, sadness or even anger. Visual art works similarly, if you create a space and then intentionally break that space, for a reason which should always be thoughtful and with purpose.

It’s all relative, why bother creating a look and feel if it doesn’t communicate the message? Use the grid as a tool, learn about it, follow it and break it only when it makes sense. 

In the upcoming months, Grapevine Graphics will be introducing GrapeCourses, a series of design courses geared around the idea of thoughtful design. GrapeCourses will focus on practical philosophy and good practices in design


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