On Your Mark


2013 – Happy New Year!
The new year starts of a bit brisk and white, with southern Ontario getting the biggest snow fall in about 2-years. It wasn’t a devastating snowfall as with other years, but it’s definitely a calling card from old man winter!

The year seems to be starting of rather well, the Grape has been recruited to do a couple of video and still photography sessions. Within the first week of the new year, we’ve shot some behind-the-scenes production stills and video for a work-in-progress feature length film-project. This is a project that we’ve been involved with for a few years and it’s finally in post-production. This job entailed shooting ADR work at one of Toronto’s best audio-post facilities. ADR is an acronym for Additional Dialog Recording. ADR work is necessary for most commercial movies to help correct and fix dialog that was not captured correctly. If it’s done correctly, you wouldn’t realize it.

Another project Grapevine Graphics has been commissioned on is to help shoot a live ‘unplugged’ musical performance for musician Angela Saini. A location survey was done to scope out the shooting requirements. We’re looking forward to the shoot for Forward Motion Productions at the end of January.


Grapevine Graphics
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