Open Arms


Grapevine Graphics
Hopefully, all have had a relatively Happy Holiday season! This new year promises to be another busy one for the Grape, let’s see if we can stay in the groove and lay down the bottom.

Grape Gourmet Food Blog
In November, the Grape Gourmet (our food blog), joined the online community ‘Food Bloggers of Canada.’ The FBC is an organization that was created to help Canadian based food bloggers specifically, and we’re proud to be a member.

Mozart Productions
Mo’zArt Productions, the production division of Grapevine Graphics, has been focusing on the Grape Gourmet primarily but other productions are not being kiboshed, just delayed. One project, such as ‘zippers: the magazine,’ is an attempt to create a thought-provoking forum exploring alternative ideas. The photo project ‘Elders of Yorkville Sound’ had been sidetracked but will is now coming back into focus. We’re also negotiations with another budding production company, we’re going help them shoot an unplugged music video.

The Noise Floor in the NöizRoom
It’s been pretty quiet in the NöizRoom (audio recording), so we’re taking this time to refresh our knowledge and know-how. We’re also setting up for better mobile acquisition. So, we’ve been back noodling with some remote audio and while there’s a lot of work needed, all seems to be falling in line.


Grapevine Graphics
design | illustration | photography | digital imaging | motion

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