Grape to Awake


A deep sleep on a summer’s morning, being awoken by a ray of sunlight burning through your eyelids. The warmth of the sun forces you to remove the covers and grasp for a bit of fresh air. Ah, the summertime.

It’s been a while since our last post but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. Between life, work and family we’ve managed to keep ourselves busy and as autumn inches it’s way closer, we’re getting ready for another round of creativity.

The New Jay Stoyan Show
 The Jay Stoyan Show has been on hiatus all summer and is now going back into production with a slightly different format. A new venue for shooting has been procured and a slightly different focus for the show has been developed. Jay has decided to get back to his roots and produce a sports oriented show. The show will be highlighted by interviews with people related to local and national sports. Jay has been a long-time (and vocal) sports aficionado so this is moving forward (in my opinion). Grapevine Graphics will continue to help the show by providing some motion graphics in addition to recording the show’s voiceovers. We’re looking forward to getting things rolling.

Grape Projects
As Grapevine Graphics moves forward onto new projects, diversifying and solidifying it’s services, we’re also cleaning up and wrapping up some of the projects that haven’t quite been finished yet. This is promising to be an even better year than last. One new project that we’re gearing up is the Grape Gourmet Blog, a journal of our experiences tasting what our world has to offer! Check it out!


Grapevine Graphics
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