Proof of Concept


Considering the hurdles of the lack of budget and experience,  The Jay Stoyan Show with Ashlee Monroe project has been going rather well. Yes, there’s room for improvement but at the ‘end of the day,’ the show’s been successfully broadcast of Fox! FOX USA! True, it’s Fox29 (Buffalo), but hey… ‘it ain’t community programming anymore!’ Grapevine Graphics is proud to be part of this learning experience while being shown the path to true enlightenment through actions rather than just words.

Project Management
Mo’zArt* Productions’ project management and technical production strategy has proven itself not only helpful, but also essential. The strategy has been instrumental in ensuring the stages of production and delivery are addressed appropriately and in a timely manner. The delivery plan continues to be  revised while specific production quality issues are being dealt with as best as they can. As the system is locked-down, technical production management will be passed on to Jay Stoyan Productions. Mo’zArt Productions* will then take a supportive consulting role; this continues to be the goal.

Values,  the spiritual & metaphysical romance 
Mo’zArt Productions* has proven itself valuable by steering the technical production of the  The Jay Stoyan Show with Ashlee Monroe. Managerial, creative and production duties have all be performed; technical production planning, coordination and asset management, graphic design, video and still photography, motion graphics, editing, and final digital video delivery.

Do what you can do, even when dealt with ____
Flying by the-seat-of-your-pants is not a recommended for the weak-of-heart (it’s a simple fact when trying to catch up with disaster). Now, while your metal may be forged in this fiery pitt, there comes a time that you must remove yourself and not become consumed, it could lead to your ultimate demise. Do what you can do.

“Step by step, slowly I turned.”
We continue to tackle the obstacles that fall before us while streamlining the process and improving the quality of every aspect of the show. As the technical production workflow steams along, another plan of action has been set to help improve camera blocking and framing. Thanks to some great crew, it is now part of the flow during taping!

The issue of quality of audio capture has reared it’s head in the past, we haven’t really dealt with it specifically. Now, we’re going to focus more specifically on those issues. The last show edited (S01E04), was the first true ‘tech-crew’ enhanced episode and it shows us great promise. Improvements continue to be made on the visual experience with better camera positioning, blocking and framing. Now we need to move onto improving the audio. Audio quality issues are similar to that which mar the visual side of production but may be more difficult.  Wish us luck.

*Mo’zArt Productions is the entertainment production division of Grapevine Graphics. Providing pre and post audio, video production, collaboration and consultation.


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