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Grape Gourmet - Cucina Dello Zio

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When it comes to family, at one end of the table sit’s the Queen, the mom… and at the other, it’s the King. Today we celebrate family day and recommend the King make this delicious dish for his Queen! Chicken a la King (recipe here)!

Eat well and stay healthy!

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The Roundup


The services of Grapevine Graphics have merited dividing the resources into specific divisions, we consider this rounding up our resourcesGrapevine Graphics was wrought from our need to create and to design. The NöizRoom grew into being as we helped capture the visual and sonic endeavors of others. Finally, Mo’zArt Productions had been born from the need for Grapevine Graphics to produce and distribute media productions.

Grapevine Graphics – the design shop
Our official website is located at but for news, announcements, articles and design courses please visit our blog at http:/

The NöizRoom – media recording and editing services
Visit the NöizRoom and read what’s up with all the Nöiz at 

Mo’zArt Productions – media production company
The production company used for releasing productions to the public; for news about our releases and announcements visit


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Grid Iron Blues


Grid Iron Blues – Designing Space

It’s been lost in the shuffle, swept under the rug by the magic pill and the miracle of modern science. We’re talking about the loss of the base, the loss of the fundamentals, the loss of the basic building blocks. It’s happening everywhere, from family, education, and all of the arts. This is not something that’s new, or something that never was challenge, an obstacle.

One of the most important things we can learn about design is the use of space. When you place something on the page, the screen, or any other surface, placement is the key. A school of thought is to use a grid system, which is a tool akin to a ruler, it helps the designer place elements on the page with relation, that’s with relation and consideration to the page and the other elements on the page. 

Thoughtful and with purpose. 

You can look at the grid as the bones, the underlying scheme that holds everything together. Breaking the grid is as powerful as adhering to it. If a songwriter follows a structure he can break out of the structure, this could help  convey a different feeling such as happiness, sadness or even anger. Visual art works similarly, if you create a space and then intentionally break that space, for a reason which should always be thoughtful and with purpose.

It’s all relative, why bother creating a look and feel if it doesn’t communicate the message? Use the grid as a tool, learn about it, follow it and break it only when it makes sense. 

In the upcoming months, Grapevine Graphics will be introducing GrapeCourses, a series of design courses geared around the idea of thoughtful design. GrapeCourses will focus on practical philosophy and good practices in design


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Spring 2013


Spring Has Spung
Winter tried to hold on as long as it could but it’s it’s grip is slowly slipping. The days are getting longer and warmer, and electricity’s in the air. Spring’s a time for renewal, a time for reinvention and the time for love to bloom. At Grapevine Graphics we’re keeping up with the begonia’s and flowing with the air of spring. This year, spring will be filled with lots a different projects, we’re looking forward to every moment.

The NöizRoom
Last May, the NöizRoom had the great pleasure of being asked to capture some footage for a independent movie by Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi. The movie’s titled Canswer; it’s a grass-roots zombie movie being produced in Toronto, Canada. We were glad to help support this indie artist with this endeavor. Below are some of the excepts from the shoot. These behind-the-scenes clips were shot, cut and edited by us in the NöizRoom edit bay.

The NöizRoom was given another opportunity supporting the dead by capturing more footage at a special fundRAISING THE DEAD event at the iconic Monarch Tavern in the west-end of Toronto. We’ll be previewing that shortly.

Mo’zArt Productions
Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Grape Gourmet, Grapevine’s food-centric site, we’re releasing new recipes and sharing our adventures and experiences.


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The Idles of March

In one instant it’s all we have, and in another, it’s gone; time. 

Grapevine Graphics took to the road on a small hiatus at the end of February but that didn’t mean we stopped working! In fact, during our travels, another Food Adventure has been put on the plate. The well anticipated spring is not Bly in the air, but also in our steps as we look forward to more and more creative projects. 

Mo’zArt Productions and the NöizRoom 

Yes, we’re still working hard on a few projects, but we are making headway. The Grape Gourmet Food Blog is getting more popular by the day, updates will be coming more frequently! Our editing bay in the NöizRoom is starting to heat up as well. 


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Gettin’ into the Groove

As February rolled into town bringing with it volatile weather, Grapevine Graphics took the opportunity to learn some new software as well as brush up on other. Grapevine Graphics continues with the journey by sharpening skills and hacking away at projects long overdue.

Mo’zArt Productions

Mo’zArt Productions has recently partnered with Motion Forward Productions to help shoot an exclusive unplugged performance for Canadian indie singer/songwriter, Angela Saini.


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On Your Mark


2013 – Happy New Year!
The new year starts of a bit brisk and white, with southern Ontario getting the biggest snow fall in about 2-years. It wasn’t a devastating snowfall as with other years, but it’s definitely a calling card from old man winter!

The year seems to be starting of rather well, the Grape has been recruited to do a couple of video and still photography sessions. Within the first week of the new year, we’ve shot some behind-the-scenes production stills and video for a work-in-progress feature length film-project. This is a project that we’ve been involved with for a few years and it’s finally in post-production. This job entailed shooting ADR work at one of Toronto’s best audio-post facilities. ADR is an acronym for Additional Dialog Recording. ADR work is necessary for most commercial movies to help correct and fix dialog that was not captured correctly. If it’s done correctly, you wouldn’t realize it.

Another project Grapevine Graphics has been commissioned on is to help shoot a live ‘unplugged’ musical performance for musician Angela Saini. A location survey was done to scope out the shooting requirements. We’re looking forward to the shoot for Forward Motion Productions at the end of January.


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